Happy Mother's Day - Mom

St. Claire Citizens Visit West Virginia Mountains


 Harbinger Christian Counseling Center

Griefs Journey Counseling

My Father Dear, I love You, Oh, I Love Your

 Citrus County, and Surrounding Florida Area

Churches of Christ


Area Monthly Singing


When His Body Was Broken For Me

 In Memoriam

 Citrus County, Florida's

"Helping Hand Tutoring Academy"

"Free" Grades 1-4 Reading - Math Tutor


World English Institute 

Free English Lessons
Improve your English - Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking

Various News and Pictures

 The BIBLE on One Page

Suwannee River Area Churches of Christ


 Natural Healing Center on Kings Bay

Massage Therepy

Massage Therepy

Relax Like Never Before

In response to massage, specific physiological and chemical changes cascade throughout the body, with profound effects.


 In Support of our Boys

Defending Our Nation,

Arnold Linage

 Russian / Ukrainian


O Say Can You See . .

How Big is Our God

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Mainland High School

Class of 1956

50th Class Reunion & 55th Class Reunion

JR Heating & Air Conditioning

Scriptures To Pray For Our Nation

John Arnold's Home Page

Awesome Song

Two Awesome Poems

Beam Me Up

Oh! My Lord and Savior

Joshua Wilson



Below are Power Point Presentations

Beville Road Church of Christ - Short History

To See Powerpoints You Must Enter

ID: Lifeministry

password: ministry08

 Arnold - Foster Family Reunions

2003 - 2008 

Beville Road Says Welcome to Bruce - Farewell to John

Pattie and Harvey Bues

50th Anniversary

John Arnold's Career  

  Weddings Performed

Live Oak Church of Christ

Short History

Mainland High School

Daytona Beach, Fl

Class of 1956 

Do you know who these babies are?

 Florida Bible Camp - High Springs, Fl

(The Early Years)

 Living with Wolves

John Arnold's visit with Wolf Nurse

 Arnold Family

History and Linage

Mount Olive Church of Christ

Live Oak, Florida

(A Short History)

  Mayo Church of Christ Ministry

Arnold - Foster Family Reunion

Finger, Tennessee

John Arnold's pictures

June 22-23-24, 2012

Pattie Gilham's Pictures

George W. Bush honors soldier at Fort Hood 

Remembering Our Flag and Our Troops

John McCain Speaks of Pledge of Allegiance

World Bible School

Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches

Wood Cremation Urns

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